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FANGARIUS: Forgotten Days - Chapter Four

CHRONOSPACE CO-ORDINATES:  England, Earth-Gamma (Earth-G)
CHRONOLOGICAL TELLURIAN DATE:  October 3rd, 2007; 2:59 am

My name is Rose Tyler.  Guess that’s a silly thing to put down, who else would be writing in this journal?

Personally, I prefer using the term ‘journal’ than diary.  Simply because I feel this log contains more important items than the thoughts of some school girl writing down her crushes, or something really stupid which they later use on those God-awful reality shows nowadays.  I thought Big Brother was bad, the things they air here in this Universe.
            There I go again, dodging the real issue.  The day has been anything but normal.  Even stranger than the days I used to have with him.
            You remember him, don’t you?  Considering I’ve been writing about him since I ended up here, you should.  About a man I knew, called The Doctor.  Besides opening my eyes to odd things—like ‘living plastic,’ real aliens, werewolves and the Daleks (mustn’t forget them, tho’ I try), I also discovered he could change identities.
            Oh, not outright, mind you (thank goodness), but apparently whenever his body would get severely damaged, from what he told me.  Yet, the new appearance didn’t really shake me that much.. we continued having amazing adventures.  Some my Mum claims I should write a book here about them.  Would sell millions, my stepdad claims.
            But getting back on the subject.  There’s one adventure The Doctor and I have never told anyone.
            Until now.
            Shortly after our romp on New Earth, where we exposed the Sisters of Plentitude’s secret behind their medical centre, The Doctor had decided on taking us to this planet.  Andrelias, I believe it was called, which was the most beautiful place.  Reminded me a bit of the Amazon Jungle, and that exhibition Mickey once took me to in London, colourful flowers and enormous trees.  A bit hard to describe accurately here.
            Anyway, unknown to us, one of the Sisters had decided on getting her revenge upon The Doctor.  Even though he did manage saving New-New York from a genetic zombie epidemic.  Of course, I exaggerate a bit.  The ‘zombies’ were actually genetically-grown (as The Doctor put it) humans designed for testing out new diseases so the Sisters could find cures for them.
            But still, though he saved everyone from their infectious ‘death touch,’ I guess the Sisters weren’t too keen about having their plans temporarily shut down, and being arrested for their unauthorised experiments.
            But I guess that’s gratitude for you.

We, of course, weren’t aware of the plot until The Doctor had decided on sniffing a rare flower.  Its pollen somehow triggered the bacteria concealed in his system, and he was immediately taken ill.  Worse than when he was recovering from his ‘regeneration.’  Though we had managed making it to a nearby hospital—thanks to the TARDIS—no one could help The Doctor.
            Never imagined how terrified and helpless I had felt.  A part of me wanted taking the TARDIS, wringing a proper antidote from the Sister behind this, and ultimately cure The Doctor.  Claws or not.  When a strange thing had occurred.

Now I never really wrote much about the TARDIS.  Despite its roomy interior, I had rarely dared explore the infinite corridors and rooms this machine (if one could really call it that) had, because The Doctor once warned me about getting hopelessly lost.  So far, I had only kept my excursions to the Wardrobe, the bathroom and the ‘loo.  Not to mention my own private sanctuary in a room I had found right off.
            But there was one area The Doctor insisted I never step foot inside:  The Forbidden Corridor.
            You ever notice how when adults don’t want you going into places never meant for you, they declare they’re ‘Forbidden?’  Even when all it does is actually make you more curious about the place you’re not allowed to enter?
            Although I had become curious about this area several times, common sense forewarned me I’d better listen to The Doctor.  After all, from firsthand accounts, I’ve seen what happens when people don’t listen to his warnings, or heed his advice.  At the time, the last thing we needed was some unknown thing roaming about the TARDIS, or mysterious chemical unleashed because I had foolishly opened a door I wasn’t supposed to, because I didn’t have a clue as to what was down that corridor.  However, since I desperately needed help, I sensed perhaps there might be something there for curing The Doctor.
            An ancient remedy, perhaps.
            The Forbidden Corridor was aptly named.  It was a dark, foreboding and—believe it or not—had lighted torches set upon the wall.  Almost made me wonder if I was still inside the TARDIS, or had fallen into a bad-horror film.  Y’know, like the ones Mum likes watching late at night.  With Vincent Price, Boris Karloff, or Bela Lugosi.
            At the end of the corridor, I had come across a strange door.  Unlike the other TARDIS doors (not counting the police-box interface), it was paneled out of oak.  It reminded me of those doors you see at church, only a bit smaller, and upon it was this red letter F.
            Even more strange, it wasn’t like it was painted, drawn, or burned on.  It appeared as if it was engraved, and was more symbolic, than being some obscure indicator.  Almost like it was spiritual and arcane, it wasn’t exactly something I’d find in the TARDIS.  Then again, as I’ve learned with The Doctor, one always must expect the unexpected.
            Can’t recall if I had reached for the silver doorknob or not, but I swear, this door automatically opened by itself.  Now at this point I would have run headfirst back towards the Main Console Room, but something kept urging me to go in.
            Gingerly stepping through the threshold, I was definitely surprised at what I saw.
            A vast library at the far end, with books stretching about the walls.  There was even a section (believe it or not) with my name on it.  The centre of the room looked like a cross between a witches’ workshop and advanced laboratory.  There was a cauldron set upon what appeared to be one of those hotplates.  But a more futuristic version.  And there were shelves of all sorts of assorted items.  Some actual chemicals, and others with incredibly-odd ingredients.
            Poisoned Dragon’s Liver?
            Near the table where the cauldron and lab array had been set up, there was this giant leather book resting on a wooden easel.  It also had the same F-Symbol upon it.
            ‘Hello,’ a voice called out, almost making me jump out of my skin.
            Turning round, I noticed the most peculiar thing.
            A strange, Wolf-creature dressed in some kind of wizard’s outfit.  Hat and all, I felt I had left The Doctor and had stepped into Wonderland.  Or at least Oz.
            ‘Sorry,’ he apologised. ‘Didn’t mean to frighten you.’ He came over and shook my hand. ‘You must be Rose. Don’t tell me, the reason you’re here is The Doctor screwed up big time.’ He then smiled and whispered. ‘But let’s keep that between you and me, eh?’
            Before replying to him, he told me his name, claiming he had traveled with The Doctor on many occasions, and was always keeping the TARDIS in great condition.  He once again apologised for being blunt with me.
            ‘Suspect if you’re here, Time’s of the essence.’ He scanned the room. ‘Since my lab’s here. I take it something’s bugging The Doc, and I don’t mean a run in with the Daleks. What’s his symptoms?’
            It’s funny.  All my life when it comes to critical thinking, I’m usually a classified idiot.  Whenever I get upset, my mind short-circuits and I panic, but here it was as if my mind was running on full power.  My memory accurately knew what was wrong with The Doctor.  And for once, was able giving a precise account of the problem.
            The giant book instantly opened, pages sped rapidly about, until it rested on one specific entry.  The Wolf calmly went over and read it.  Not only diagnosing the problem, he promptly gave me what seemed to be a prescription.
            Wondering where I should go to get it filled, I discovered he wanted me to actually make it.
            ‘See, Rose,’ he explained. ‘I’m only a holographic version of the Wolf you see before you. All I can do is access and process information.’
            I frowned.
            ‘Don’t worry, girlfriend, I’m not going to leave you in the lurch. I’ll help you mix this stuff up quicker than you can say, “Jack Robinson.”’
            And help me he did.
            Now I should tell you, cooking’s never been my strong point.  Oh, I’ve helped Mum make things like stuffing, and I can bake a cake all right, but don’t ever ask me to make Baked Alaska, or one of those gourmet recipes.  They usually all come out the same way. Cajun-style.
            However, as I listened to the Wolf, I was really making a potion for The Doctor.  An actual potion.  And I have to admit, I did have fun pouring and mixing stuff into that cauldron.  Felt like Samantha, though the Wolf admitted something strange.
            ‘Funny, my cousin hasn’t worked on a cauldron since she married Darrin. But she does make a mean beef stew.’
            Thanking him, he smiled and told me to take the potion straight to The Doctor right away.
            Never was I more relieved in my life.  The potion definitely cured him faster than I had ever imagined.  Apparently the Wolf knew his stuff as The Doctor gave me an inquisitive expression.  Sort of as if he recognised the potion, and suspected I had some help making it.
            Back in the TARDIS, he had given the Forbidden Corridor one of his hardest, accusing stares.  Yet, out of the corner of my eye, I thought I had seen The Doctor mouth out the words, ‘Thank You.’

Funny how I vividly remember all of this, because never in my wildest dreams had I ever imagined the little Wolf I met was authentically real.  Because I presumed he was something the TARDIS had conjured up for me to help The Doctor once more.

But on this fateful day, I would discover, FangerFangarius, was indeed real as you or me.

From my last entry, you’ll note about my sad farewell to The Doctor, and how I ‘died.’ Basically how it resulted from him, once again in saving the Universe from horrible disaster.  Daleks and Cybermen. God, don’t those Daleks ever die?  But he sorted it out, except for the fact I ended up sealed within another Universe.  In my active world, as I said, ‘Rose Tyler is dead.’
            After hearing The Doctor’s last message, I felt my heart being ripped asunder.  Wow, guess some of his attitude rubs off on a person.  But anyway, I recall crying needlessly as my stepdad held me.  At least Mum an him were now happy.  I guess.
            Then the strangest thing happened.
            The voice.. the one which summoned me to Fanger’s room—The Forbidden Corridor—had called out to me once again.  Oops, did I forget about that? Yeah, I had heard a voice at the time.  Guess I didn’t mention it, in case you thought I was cracking up.  You know what they say when you start hearing voices
Standing on the horizon, we all noticed a ghostly figure of a woman.  Dressed in elegant blue and white, she had a very kind face, and she spoke to me.  She told me not to cry because in a sense, it really wasn’t the end, but a new beginning.  Then she wanted to thank me for keeping Fanger’s Godfather (gee, when The Doctor mentioned he was a father once, I never imagined he’d be a God-Dad to a Wolf) company and helping him through the rough times after Gallifrey’s destruction.
            Anyway, she introduced herself as Diane, whereas Mum had immediately recognised the name.  Then she realised I had somehow gone into Fanger’s  ‘Workshop,’ never once suspecting Fanger and The Doctor were somehow remotely related.
            She then gave me a wondrous gift.  A jade music box with a ruby set on the top.  Reminded me of those oriental ones Mickey would show me at the Import Shops.  Y’know, the ones so expensive, you don’t dare touch them, ‘cuz you feared you might accidentally shatter it.  Mum was a bit nervous about  it, but Diane reassured her it was safe, since she herself was a mother once.
            She then informed me this music box was indeed not your average item.  For whenever we needed someone or felt there was nowhere to turn, it would automatically open by itself and plan an enchanting tune.
            I thanked Diane for the gift, when she suddenly vanished.  How I was able to hold it was rather perplexing, because we all swore Diane was a spirit.  Then again, The Doctor could perform some amazing feats as well, so why not her?
            Before realising it, the music box sprang to life as its lid slowly opened.  The melody was indeed enchanting, but suspiciously familiar. If I didn’t know better, it was that some Liza Minnelli performed with the Pet Shop Boys several years back.
            ‘Losing My Mind,’ I believe it was called.

And rather appropriate, for shortly afterwards, all Hell started breaking loose.

Rose’s mind transported her back to the remarkable moments leading up to her composing her thoughts.  Shortly after the enchanted music box orchestrated its melody, an intense explosion of light appeared from the distance.  Pete swiftly observed the skyline above, there were no vapour trails, or any silhouettes of airships hovering overhead.  Therefore ruling out the possibility of an air assault.  Comlink flashing on his wrist, he answered it.

                ‘Pete, here,’ he nervously scanned the area.  Jackie, Rose and Mickey headed back towards the faded-green car. ‘Yeah, I saw it,’ he gazed into the sky, searching for clues. ‘The whole family did.’ Secretly he hoped they hadn’t been monitoring them during both The Doctor and Diane’s visitation.  He really didn’t want giving Torchwood lengthy explanations about communiqués from other dimensions.  Jake Simmonds responded back about what they had detected.
                ‘Bad news,’ Jake admitted. ‘According to Torchwood One, the explosion’s of a dimensional nature.’
                ‘Damn,’ Pete thought they had resolved this dilemma once and for all. ‘Should I run the family back to the Estate?’
                ‘No time,’ Jake instructed. ‘We need you to get there before things become political.’
                Of course, as Rose had later discovered, political meant the event had attracted the elusive Emperor Keanu.
                Earth–G’s Great Britain was basically a republic nation, however, there were some official remnants of British Royalty.  Although it was clear President Harriet Jones ruled England, mysteriously, Keanu was still an influential component of the displaced monarchy.  From what Rose had gathered, he rarely ever left Buckingham, unless something usually major caught his interest.  Mainly because while the House and Senate helped President Jones rule the country, Keanu usually dealt with matters the government didn’t want to get embroiled.  The only other time Keanu made public appearances was during national holidays and other functions requiring regal protocol.  And even then, he usually had Princess ‘Lynn attend in his stead.
                As for the entire dimensional rift thing (Rose did recognise the explosion before they had identified it), she privately hoped perhaps The Doctor had sorted things out.
                Inside the car, Mickey activated the makeshift GPS Tracker he had invented from some parts of a laptop, and satellite dish controls.  Detecting the faint signature, they managed pinpointing its exact location.  Which was several miles from where they had received The Doctor’s communication.  Studying the signature carefully, Mickey discerned a curious anomaly.  Registering three lifeforms, he had only picked up two images, and they weren’t moving.  Rose immediately acknowledged one of those images genuinely possessed two hearts, perhaps The Doctor, and he was severely injured. 
                And where was the TARDIS?

Racing to the scene, Rose perceived Keanu and Torchwood were expediently efficient.  The entire area resembled an out-of-place accident scene:  there was an ambulance and several vans, some from Torchwood, others from the Royal Family.  Stopping briefly at the outskirts, the place was already tiered off.   Rose desperately wanted to leave the van,  finding out if The Doctor was at the centre of this chaos.  However, she secretly knew better than to leap before looking at the danger ahead.
                Then the unexpected had occurred.
                ‘Rose,’ Pete turned to her. ‘Apparently, someone’s requesting for you, out there.’
                Jackie reluctantly wanted her daughter going out into the massive jungle of investigators.  But  after witnessing what Rose had endured with The Doctor, she approvingly nodded.  Mickey, on the other hand, wanted to come with her.  He had just gotten Rose back and didn’t fancy losing her to another unknown visitor.  Even if it might be The Doctor.
                At first, Pete planned on preventing Mickey’s departure.  He still needed Mickey for operating the console.  However, Rose decided it might be best if two go out instead of one. 
                Gingerly leaving the vehicle, they both were led out into the thick of it.  But it was hardly what they were expecting.  There were no burnt trees, craters, or dead grass.  Instead there were medical assistants attending to two figures, while agents were scattered about the place.  Some taking samples of the area, while others were taking pictures and performing forensics about the place.

                Rose and Mickey found it difficult ascertaining if they were at an investigation site, or an episode of CSI.  Still she would be more relieved when they reached the figures themselves.  If one of them was The Doctor, he could certainly put things to right.  But without his TARDIS, she wasn’t sure how he’d exactly get them back to their Universe.  Though it was nice here, she knew it really wasn’t her home.

Rose and Mickey were stopped by several men dressed in black.  Noticing their shades, and some sporting wolf’s tails (Rose never quite knew what was up with that, since The Doctor and them had never encountered any strange aberrations the first time they were here), they were not Torchwood agents.
                Walking towards them was a slim, dark-haired man.  Dressed in a striped suit and brown-shirt, he also wore an interesting headband.  Edged with gold it was cobalt with an auburn gem set in the centre.  Rose acknowledged it was a diadem, not a headband, and she also promptly recognised the man.  Immediately tugging at Mickey’s  jacket, she politely curtsied while addressing the person standing in front of them.
                ‘Emperor Keanu.’ Rose noticed Keanu also possessed a wolf’s tail as well, as he flicked it about at the moment.
                Realising his near faux pas, Mickey then bowed, apologising for his lack of decorum.
                ‘Uh, sorry, Your Grace,’ Mickey had never felt more embarrassed.
                ‘Arise,’ Keanu instructed. ‘Well, Ms. Tyler, I’ve heard you’ve been exceptionally beneficial with Torchwood, have you not?’ He then turned towards Mickey. ‘And who are you, kind sir?’
                ‘Mick.. uh.. Mickey Smith, Emperor.’
                ‘Odd..’ Keanu frowned. ‘I do not recall a Mr. Smith being requested.’
                Before any arguments came to terms, a strange person emerged from the group.  Though he appeared as a man in his twenties, Rose noticed he had ginger strands mixed within his auburn hair.  He wore an orange headband and was dressed in medical clothing.  But there were several elements not-quite-right with his appearance.  First off, his eyes were orange set against emerald.  Then the darkened hands, and wolf’s tail, like Keanu and his agents.  Not to mention the technological apparatus on his right arm and hand.  But the real item which stood out was the orange F-Symbol printed upon his chest.
                ‘Apologies, Emperor Keanu,’ he spoke. ‘I requested Ms. Tyler have someone accompany her for assisting with the patients. I hope there was no offence made with this request, Milord.’
                ‘Not at all, Sendrai.’ Keanu smiled. ‘I must apologise, then.’ He faced Rose and Mickey. ‘We’ve been currently understaffed since the last Cybermen incident. By the way, Mr. Smith, I must compliment on your group effectively handling the circumstances.’ As Mickey graciously bowed, Keanu then suggested they head towards the figures.

Mysteriously, Rose peered into the darkened sky, feeling the temperature plunge, while icy winds blew past her cheek.  She and Mickey knew the weather might be brisk in Norway.  However, they never imagined the atmosphere could possibly drop into the subthermal degrees.  Nor it ever becoming turbulent.  Sendrai indicated the unusual pattern was a side-effect of their arrivals.
                ‘Best hurry,’ he quickened his pace. ‘The Little One might’ve activated his defences.’
                Rose and Mickey glanced at one another, hoping they weren’t dealing with another extraterrestrial threat.  Keanu reassured them they weren’t, since no crafts, nor weapons, had been detected.  The reason Torchwood was inquisitive about this transfer was only two beings had been registered coming through the rift.
                The medical staff had already gotten to both figures, as Rose and Mickey witnessed their bodies were now placed upon some kind of stretchers.  Sendrai acknowledged the slim, blonde-haired one first.  Rose sensed he was definitely human.  He appeared rather young and was wearing a uniform.  She gathered he was a security officer.  Judging from his jacket and ID badge, he obviously worked for an industrial plant.  Once again, a nobody whom had fallen to the unknown, though she admitted he was a bit clean and neat for just another hapless victim.
                ‘Christopher Engle,’ Mickey had gone up ahead with Sendrai, and now was reporting back to Rose.
                ‘What?’ Rose wondered why Mickey liked popping up with obscure information.
                ‘That’s the bloke’s name over there,’ he chucked his thumb towards the patient Sendrai was tending. ‘Amazing, accordin’ to Sendrai, he’s not gotten one mark on him. Slight concussion, but other than that, he’s okay.’
                Rose disbelievingly stared at Chris. ‘How can that be possible?’
                From her observations, the explosion should’ve done more damage.  Although she was grateful Mr. Engle wasn’t seriously injured.  For once, the culprit responsible had demonstrated some mercy.  But she then discovered the other figure wasn’t so fortunate.
                ‘From what I can figure out,’ Mickey pointed to the other body. ‘That bloke saved our Mr. Engle from harm, but Sendrai thinks that guy suffered the major part of the blast.’
                Rose gave Mickey an incredulous expression.
                ‘Uh, sorry, Rose.’ Mesmerised by the entire affair, he forgot the two people here weren’t exactly having a walk in a park at the moment.
                ‘Never mind.’ Rose sighed.  Nervous about all of this, wondering why she was called in here.  She never fancied witnessing things like this.  Even hospitals put her on edge.  Particularly ones existing in the far corners of the Universe.  In the Future, no less.  Yet, Rose’s curiosity was getting the better of her as she wanted seeing who was the other victim.
                Or more specifically, Chris’ protector.
                Mickey decided on Rose.  After she and The Doctor had left him on this planet, he had gotten used observing ghastly stuff.  Rose insisted the other figure was still alive, recalling exactly what had transpired when the Time Lord had cryptically explained his ‘end’ was near.  Approaching the other stretcher, they noticed this one was connected by a sophisticated life support.
                Sendrai called out to them.  He wanted Mickey and Rose to notify him if the readings started becoming critical.  The real truth was Rose was more concerned over whether or not the being was The Doctor, or if he was alive.  Contrary to what Mickey thought, she never cared much for viewing corpses up close and personal.
                Mickey grimaced as Rose noticed the other victim was a bit taller than Chris.  On closer inspection, she gasped.  Not because the man appeared as if he had just gone through Hell and back.  Rather, it was because Rose felt as if she was viewing a ghost.  Amidst the man’s burns, scratches, blood and bruises, he mysteriously resembled the person her Mum and stepfather had been waiting on IE24’s InfoNewsCast.  
                Considering whom the person was, Rose privately feared Torchwood had gotten embroiled with some political assassination attempt.  Until Mickey dismissed the possibility, because Chris had been virtually untouched by the explosion.  Also he thought going to Norway, in the middle of nowhere, was extreme for an assassination attempt.  Basically he realised these hitmen loved an audience, rather than solely being in the spotlight.  After all, how can one establish proper street cred, if no one’s round to witness your handiwork? And if it was supposed to be a covert job, why leave Mr. Engle untouched?
                But Rose detected something different about the man.
                First off, the man’s hair was actually light brown than dark.  His headband was genuinely multicoloured than its typical sapphire-emerald-gold scheme.  His face emitted a pleasant gentleness than apathetic coldness.  However, the one critical idiosyncrasy Rose noticed standing out more than anything, was the crimson F-Symbol.  Despite the torn, ravaged shirt upon the man’s body, the symbol mysteriously remained intact.  It also shone bright with energy.  Amazing feat indeed, for Rose and Mickey observed how the skies were becoming darker, shutting out all remnants of sunlight.
                Eyes snapping open, the figure acknowledged the two young visitors.
                ‘R..Rose..’ his voice was faint and soft. ‘M.. Mickey..’
                Rose comprehended the diluted tone all too well.  It was when she had inexplicably found herself back with the first Doctor—her original Doctor—after she had blanked out from witnessing the Heart of the TARDIS.  The being was dying, and there was nothing anyone could do to help.  Rose was terrified.  Not because this gentle soul was about to perish, she witnessed these scenes before, wondering how the Time Lord endured such pain.  She wasn’t certain if the man possessed the same abilities as The Doctor.  Since she knew The Doctor was the Last of the Time Lords.  For now, she perceived into comforting him, preparing for the worst.
                ‘S… s..’ Blood trickled from his mouth as he attempted forming the words. ‘Sorry.. about.. this.. I..’ he started coughing, prompting Rose to take his hand.  Here she acknowledged the man had dark hands like Keanu, Sendrai and the security men.  But the peculiar thing about it, she honestly didn’t care.  She felt his pain, anger but also his fear, compassion and love.
                ‘Sh,’ Rose desperately attempted not to cry.  Her eyes were becoming red as Mickey also felt the tears escaping. ‘It’s all right.. you’re okay.’
                The man grinned as best as he could, as if Rose had just told him an amusing joke.
                ‘No..’ He now whispered. ‘But hopefully.. I shall be soon.’ His hand released Rose’s as he lapsed into unconsciousness.  The life support started its continuous, monotone beep.  Rose automatically was about to cry out.
                She sensed something amiss.  The man demonstrated no trepidation, not to mention the way he naturally fell into the coma.  Before she and Mickey realised it, the man’s body began levitating from the stretcher.  Slowly propping itself up, he was suspended in mid-air almost making Mickey lose his balance.  Meanwhile Rose then noticed the ‘man’ also possessed a wolf’s tail as well.
                Calculating these factors she assured Mickey everything was going to be all right, as Sendrai suddenly detected what was occurring.
                Before he approached, Rose put her arm out in front of him.
                ‘Don’t,’ she recalled this procedure all too well.
                Without warning, the man’s body jerked, then suddenly flared into a mystical explosion.
                Mickey had mistaken the event for spontaneous combustion, but Rose knew better.
                ‘No, Mick,’ Rose slowly uttered. ‘He’s entering Regeneration.’

Rose remembered when her Doctor had left her.  Originally she had assumed he had been ensnared by another tractor beam—possibly the Daleks—and they had replaced him with a completely different person.  Yet, when she had demanded the new person bring him back, he astonishingly revealed he was The Doctor.  He informed her it was an ability most Time Lords once had for surviving.  In order to cheat Death, or whenever their former body wears out, they enter a unique process, where they can restructure themselves into an entirely new form.

Apparently this latest arrival was no exception.

The intense flash promptly ceased as it had commenced.  Rose and Mickey observed the instantaneous transformation. Gone was the other version of the Wolf-Being (she never ascertained how this term just popped into her head).  He was now replaced by a younger, dark-haired man with brown-eyes instead of hazel.  Mickey first acknowledged he resembled that sitcom actor, who once started as a model for Calvin Klein.
                Gently floating back down, the man’s eyes snapped open, and his first words were spoken.
                ‘Man! What a rush!’ He turned, looking at Rose and Mickey. ‘When did Regeneration become so instant?’ He registered their incredulous expressions. ‘No matter. I’m here and alive, guess that’s important..’ His mind reminded him of his visitors’ presence. ‘Ah, where were we before all of this?’ He smiled at Rose. ‘Rose Tyler,’ he turned towards Mickey. ‘Mickey Smith. Y’know, I’ve a cousin named Smith. Sarah Jane, ever heard of her?’
                Rose performed a double-take. ‘Sarah Jane Smith is your cousin?’ After meeting one of The Doctor’s previous Companions, Rose had never imagined Sarah was alien.
                ‘Yes, Rose, why does everyone say that? I mean, my Mum was human.’ He hesitated, frowning briefly. ‘Okay, she was a sorceress, Diane.. she never told anyone her last name.. not important, I guess.’
                ‘Diane?’ Rose now hardly believed this. ‘She’s your mother?
                ‘Rose, everyone has a mother.’ He hesitated once more, frowning slightly again. ‘Well, technically my Uncle Herman was constructed more or less.’
                ‘Uncle Herman?’ Mickey cautiously inquired.
                ‘Yes, Herman Munster. And yes, Mickey Smith, there is a Herman Munster. What? You think Allan Burns and Chris Hayward conjured them up? Please, they ended up producing the show after their car broke down at 1313 Mockingbird Lane. ‘Course, as usual, I wasn’t cast in the show. Eddie, yeah, their son. But not me, even tho’ I’m a Wolf as well.’  He frowned once more. ‘Okay, Gallifreyan Wolf-Being, but still.’ Suddenly one of his synapses prompted him about how he had ended up here. ‘..Chris..’
                ‘Uh, he’s all right,’ Rose interjected, pointing where Sendrai was tending to the young man. ‘Said he hardly had one scratch upon him.’
                ‘Should hope not,’ he remarked. ‘Managed casting a Protection Bubble, I did. Amazing power enough, I had.’ He stopped momentarily, speculating why his speech now sounded so Yoda-esque. ‘Too bad I got the blunt of it..’ He smiled at overcoming this trivial obstacle.  He forgot all about the after-Regenerative effects.
                But despite the transitory impairment, his mind did inform him about his acquaintances’ perplexed expressions.  Preoccupied with regaining his bearings, he foolishly realised his inadvertent rudeness.
                ‘Apologies,’ he smiled at Rose and Mickey. ‘Fangarius, but you can call me..’
                ‘Fanger,’ Rose automatically identified.  She had no intention of being rude.  It was incredibly hard for her believing his man was actually once the diminutive wolf-creature she had encountered in the TARDIS.
                ‘You know me, Ms. Tyler?’ Fanger knew—as with The Doctor—he was always encountering various people and places, and it was almost next to impossible keeping track of all of them. ‘Ah,’ his mind vaguely extracted the possible explanation. ‘You entered my private room in the TARDIS, didn’t you?’
                Blood rushing to her cheeks, Rose had now felt both embarrassed and ashamed.  She thought she had been caught violating a sacred area.  However, Fanger tutted, stating the room permitted her access because she required help.  Otherwise, she would’ve never detected the room in the first place.  Afterwards, Fanger apologised for his Third Incarnate’s hologram.
                ‘F-3’s really not like that,’ he admitted. ‘When I designed the HoloConstruct, I only had time programming its default persona matrix. Still, glad he was able to assist you.’
                Fanger yawned, feeling his strength ebbing away.  Stretching briefly, he relaxed upon the stretcher.
                ‘Great Rassilon, forgot Regeneration takes a lot out of a person.’ Staring into the dark, grey clouds of the stormy atmosphere, his olfactory senses detected the faint, icy scent emanating from them. ‘Bracing atmosphere. Wintry, though it’s autumn,’ the wind-chill factor dashed itself across his skin. ‘Temperature steadily dropping,’ his mind factored in the sea salt aroma into the equation. ‘Norway, I gather?’
                Rose was amazed at Fanger’s accuracy for determining their location.  Apparently Wolf-Beings didn’t require things like GPS Navigation.
                ‘Better than being stuck somewhere on Tibet, I suppose.’ The realisation hit Fanger about the discrepancy. ‘Then I’m safe assuming Chris and I aren’t on Earth-Prime anymore.’
                ‘Come again?’ Mickey wasn’t familiar with the term.  Until Rose reminded him they weren’t from this planet Earth.
                ‘Our Earth,’ Rose recalled The Doctor had once christened this version as Pete’s Earth.  Consequently, she later discovered its scientific denotation was Terra-Gamma, or Earth-G. ‘Seems Fanger here was slingshot through dimensions like the VoidSphere.’ She recollected The Doctor’s demonstration back at Torchwood HQ in London.
                ‘Affirmative,’ Sendrai interrupted. ‘All the reason I should examine him, Ms. Tyler.’
                ‘Oh,’ Rose embarrassingly forgot about holding Sendrai back. ‘Sorry, Sendrai, I just…’
                ‘Quite all right,’ Sendrai calmly approached Fanger. ‘You were taking necessary precautions with his Regeneration.’
                Upon hearing the man’s name, Fanger’s ears perked up as he turned towards the medical professional. ‘Sendrai. There’s a name I haven’t heard in ages.’ Acknowledging Sendrai’s contemporary appearance, he wondered if all the F-Clones were getting upgrades. ‘I like it. Reminds me of the real you.’
                Sendrai gave him a warm smile while performing the essential diagnostics. ‘Thank you, Little One, and I’ve missed you. My deepest condolences for your loss.’
                Fanger closed his eyes as Rose remembered what happened to The Doctor.  She deduced they both came from Gallifrey.  Obviously, The Doctor wasn’t the only survivor.  The Face of Boe was correct when stating the Time Lord wasn’t alone.
                Checking his MedComp, Sendrai observed Fanger’s body required prolonged rest for the Regeneration’s success.  Rose witnessed the strange gauntlet device set on his right hand.  Sendrai touched it, activating a hidden compartment.  As the compartment slid open, he reached for a small phial from his MedKit upon his belt.  He carefully inspected the phial.
                ‘Andelitriphiladine, 50 cc, should suffice.’ Loading it into the compartment, he smiled. ‘Definitely will promote the necessary healing process.’
                ‘Hold it,’ Fanger placed his hand on Sendrai’s arm.
                ‘Relax, Little One, this sedative is not part of the Amethidal family.’
                ‘No,’ he examined the clouds gathering en masse above them. ‘Am I up for casting one precautionary spell?’
                Glancing at the skies, Sendrai perceived what his patient meant.  He nodded, claiming as long as it wasn’t a complicated enchantment.
                Rose now comprehended the Third Fanger’s obscure reference.  Both her and Mickey watched Fanger twitch his nose, complete with the familiar sound effects.  Instantly, everyone felt the temperature rise slightly as Fanger positively accepted his handiwork.
                ‘That should give everyone ample time.. say, fifty minutes.. to depart before the storm hits.’ Fanger then nodded for Sendrai to continue.
                Rose watched as Sendrai prepared Fanger’s right arm.  After rolling up the patient’s sleeve, Sendrai held his left hand over the area.  Orange light shined over Fanger’s arm, disinfecting it for any possible bacteria.  Making a fist with his right hand, Sendrai activated his BioSynth Hand Blaster Sedation Hypodermic Gun—or BHB Hypo—causing its needle to protrude from it.  The phial’s measured information appeared on his MedComp screen.
                Both Rose and Mickey observed the procedure with some trepidation and fascination.
                Cautiously holding Fanger’s arm, Sendrai instructed him in taking a deep breath.  Administering the sedative, he carefully injected the needle into Fanger.  Sendrai monitored the dosage as he told Fanger to count backwards from five.
                The drug worked instantaneously without fail.  Fanger lapsed into unconsciousness right as he reached three.  Extracting the needle, Sendrai folded Fanger’s arm.
                ‘Ms. Tyler, could you assist me?’ He asked.
                Rose came over and held Fanger’s arm in the folded position, while Sendrai activated the BHB Hypo’s disinfecting cycle.  Removing the empty phial from its compartment, he replaced it back into his MedKit.  Mickey noticed Sendrai take out a strange packet.  Inside the packet contained what seemed like brown clay molded into a Band-Aid of sorts.  After his BHB Hypo completed its cycle, Sendrai went over to Rose and Fanger.
                ‘Thanks,’ he had her gently unfold Fanger’s arm when he opened the packet. ‘This Plastiflesh bandage will prevent any possible infections.’ Rose noticed the clay plop neatly over the injection wound.  Sendrai then aimed his BHB Hypo at it.  Instead of another needle materialising, Rose noticed a blue light was being beamed directly over the substance.  Within seconds, the substance melted perfectly over Fanger’s wound, blending itself with the being’s skin.
                Fanger groggily turned his head, prompting Sendrai to stroke his patient’s cheek.
                ‘Sh, Little One,’ he gently spoke. ‘Chris had been properly attended to, I’ve sedated him as well. Now, you must rest. Sleep is essential.  Don’t worry, Rose, Mickey and I shall be here when you awake.’
                Although Mickey seemed reluctant with what Sendrai was doing, Rose was genuinely impressed with the man’s medical prowess.  In fact, she secretly had wished Sendrai had been with them after The Doctor’s Regeneration.  Like Captain Jack Harkness, Sendrai was a bit more of a professional, and it might’ve made things smoother that Christmas.
                Sendrai admired Rose’s trustworthiness of him, but indicated the Time Lord may not have preferred his medical assistance.
                ‘The Doctor gets defensive whenever people commence examining him.’ Sendrai scanned the area. ‘Quite childish, I realise. Pardon me, Ms. Tyler, Mr. Smith, but I must confirm with Emperor Keanu upon some matters.  But first.’ Touching some keys on his MedComp, Rose and Mickey witnessed the stretchers retract their medical equipment.  They were now levitating both Fanger and Chris safely towards one of the ambulances.
                ‘Cor,’ Mickey softly exclaimed, ‘try getting your insurance to cover that.’
                Rose shot him a rather strange expression, though she knew he was right.  Besides, how could one exactly request something that advanced?  As far as they knew, this invention was probably more alien technology procured by Torchwood.  Then there was Sendrai.
                Sendrai was definitely always polite and courteous since she and Mickey had met him on Earth-G.  However, today, Rose had felt mysteriously uneasy about him.  He was slightly too efficient, too professional for her liking.  Perhaps it was due to Fanger’s Regeneration, or all these officials traveling about the place.
                Consequently, Fanger did recognise the medical being, treating him like a long, lost Companion than a foe.  Mickey indicated Sendrai dared not attempt any underhandedness while the Emperor and Torchwood agent were in the vicinity.  She watched as they cautiously loaded their patients into the ambulance.
Within this instance, Rose and Mickey were going to have another extraordinary encounter.
                ‘Hey, buds,’ a voice spoke. ‘So I take it Fan made it through his Regeneration.’
                They spun round noticing the young man standing behind them.  He was smiling.
                It wasn’t exactly the man’s youthful appearance which astonished them.  Nor even him appearing out-of-nowhere from behind.  Instead it was his unusual attire.  He wore a dark shirt underneath one reminding Rose of those new Western fashions they had been pushing at the shops.  The upper chest and torso possessed a brown colour, whereas the shoulders and sleeves contained a pinstripe motif.  The cuffs and lining were a light, denim blue.  His khaki slacks and dark shoes had completed the ensemble.  Yet, there seemed one element sticking out amongst his clothes:  the gold, sapphire-studded chain he wore round his neck.
                Rose had witnessed infinite versions of jewelry before, but nothing quite this elegant.  Nonetheless, they noticed the man was wearing shades as he introduced himself.
                ‘I’m Hennington,’ he shook both their hands. ‘Dr. Jake Hennington.’ Removing his shades, Jake’s eyes were a deep blue, while Rose and Mickey had never quite viewed a medical professional like this before.
                Jake’s brown-spiked hair, sideburns melting into a goatee gave the distinct impression he might’ve been an agent, or at least an intern.
                Then again, when one observed The Doctor, one might never guessed he was a 900-year-old Time Lord.
                ‘Rose Tyler,’ she introduced herself. ‘And this is..’
                ‘Mickey Smith,’ Jake smiled. ‘Yes, I read about your file. Interesting work there, bud.’
                ‘Thanks,’ Mickey couldn’t ascertain whether Dr. Hennington was insulting him or complimenting him. ‘So you’re a Torchwood Med as well?’
                ‘You could say that,’ Jake glanced at the ambulance holding Fanger and Chris. ‘I’m the new Xenopsychoanalyst for Torchwood One.’
                Mickey eyed him suspiciously. ‘But I thought Dr. Henderson was..’
                ‘Heard they reassigned him.’ He returned his attention towards her and Mickey. ‘Look, guys, I’ll level with you. I’m sorta in the dark here on this one as well.’
                Judging from his speech patterns, Rose determined Jake came from the States.  As she presumed Captain Jack had done.
                ‘Got the phone call from UNIT about someone needing my expertise over at Torchwood,’ he casually explained. ‘Because it seems Dr. Henderson got transferred without warning.’
                ‘UNIT?’ Rose vaguely recalled The Doctor mentioning the organisation once or twice.  From what Mickey had once gathered, they were the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce.  In which it appeared both The Doctor and Fanger had worked for them before, since there had once been classified information about the Time Lord within their records.  And Mickey learned Fanger had established a Paranormal Division Branch from the organisation as well.
                ‘Yeah, well,’ Jake smiled, putting on his shades. ‘Right now, Prime Minister Gari’s just taken office, and if you wanna know the truth.’ He leaned in and whispered. ‘He’s just trying to get in good with Emperor Keanu and President Jones, if you know what I mean.’

Hesitating from her journal, Rose placed down her pen.  Her mind concentrated solely on the elusive Dr. Hennington.  Precisely because there were some items The Doctor, herself and Mickey had not extensively researched about this planet.  One was the States weren’t exactly on a friendly-basis with the United Kingdom.  Basically Rose believed it might have been the fact John Lumic had been utilising New South America’s homeless for his disturbing experiments.
                Because if he was ruthless enough converting their homeless into Cybermen, Lumic might’ve set his sights on North America’s (or was it North Mexico, it was hard obtaining proper geographical labels) homeless.
                Yet, Rose’s stepdad, Pete, and Jake Simmonds had informed her of another reason.
                The Native Americans (Mexicans?) were commonly-known as Wolf-Beings.  As with their parallel counterparts, they lived a patriarch system known as Clanstribes.  They had ruled the land before it had become transformed into the States.  When England began colonizing their land, the colonists had attempted on driving out the Wolf-Being (or Lupinians, the politically-correct pseudonym).  Except the Clanstribes had discovered more effective ways of fighting back.  The result had summoned forth several peace treaties with the Clanstribes.  Despite the fact both the Revolutionary, and Mexican Civil, War had occurred, with entirely different results and reasons.

Breaking from her brief history lesson, Rose knew the Lupinians and Humans peacefully co-existed in Mexico.  Great Britain, however, wasn’t too keen of them.  Mainly because some Lupinians—thanks to Emperor Keanu—had immigrated over here.  Due to this, most people from the States weren’t exactly treated with open arms.
                Nevertheless, from Rose’s observations, Dr. Hennington contained a fatal charm.
                Almost disarming where one wasn’t suspicious, nor wary, of him.  Perhaps it was this persona Rose found disenchanting.  Nearly unreal.
                Not taking account of Captain Jack, Adam Mitchell, and The Doctor (both of them), Rose never fancied the handsome, smooth-talking types.  She guessed she inherited this foresight from her Mum, especially after she had met her real father, Pete Tyler, in the Past.  Jackie never cared for men who dished out eloquent words just so they could inevitably score.  After what happened with Elton Pope, Rose knew her Mum definitely cared less for them.  But she comprehended the reason.
                When she attended school, young lads were always chatting her up.  Pretending they were the one for her, especially when she knew they weren’t in her league.  Basically it was because these types always had this habit of saying what you wanted to hear, rather than the actual truth.
                It was probably why she was attracted to Mickey.  Overlooking his obsession with the supernatural and alien, Mickey definitely told her like it is.  Even if he knew the truth would hurt.  Sometimes she felt a bit guilty ignoring him over The Doctor, because in the end, Mickey was really a dependable person.
                Factoring in her experiences with The Doctor, Rose also knew you can’t always judge a book by  its cover.  In fact, on several occasions, it usually turned out the most sociable beings were the deadliest creatures.  Whereas the monstrous, hideous beings were actually the most kind-hearted people.
                Ironically both The Doctor and her Mum had educated her on keeping an open-mind with strangers.  Since not all of them were trying to either conquer or destroy the Universe.
                So why was it difficult for her giving Dr. Hennington a fair chance?  Why couldn’t she trust him?

                Rose suspected there was an ominous connection between him and Dr. Hennington.  But she didn’t know what, or why, Fanger might have anything to do with the likes of him.
                She acknowledged how Fanger’s personality was quite Doctoresque in nature.
                Notwithstanding his amiable nature after his Regeneration, he gave the impression he was concealing his true emotions.  Rose automatically detected it when Fanger’s former self was dying.  The look in his eyes, as if he had done something to offend her.  He wanted desperately on making amends, but didn’t know how.
                Afterwards, when Fanger had transformed, his first concern was not himself, but for his Companion.
                In fact, overlooking his eccentric conversation, Rose sensed Fanger was authentically concerned for them as well.  She knew from his eyes, he was disoriented and terrified.  When Sendrai approached him, Rose detected a twinge of relief from Fanger’s voice.  As if he was greeted by a long, lost friend he needed to meet again.

                Perhaps, she believed, was the source behind her trepidation.

Back on Earth-Prime (now she started sounding like Fanger), during the moment she and The Doctor had been dealing with Chloe Webber and The Isolus, she remembered the conversation they had about Chloe.  Rose recalled the Time Lord admitting he was once a Dad himself.  Considering the secret room, The Doctor once mentioning his name, yet, never discussing about him, Rose presumed Fanger was possibly one of the Time Lord’s children.  A lost son, or forgotten child.  After all, The Doctor had lost so much during the Time War, he never imagined one of his own might have survived.
                If the truth be known, Rose preferred Sendrai over this so-called Torchwood Med Agent, or whatever Dr. Hennington’s designation was.  At least Sendrai was a professional, who definitely cared about his patients, rather than focusing on just schmoozing with the locals.

                ‘Ms. Tyler,’ a familiar voice interrupted her thoughts.  Returning back to her room, Rose noticed Sendrai was standing in her doorway.  He was holding a tray of warm tea and scones.  She noticed he gave an entirely distinctive appearance with his casual attire.  The orange shirt, blue sweater with the orange F, azure pants and plimsolls gave the illusion he was a normal, young adult.  If you didn’t take account his Wolfish attributes and his eyes, one might presume he was a boarder than a specialised medical agent.
                Especially when Rose noted Sendrai never actually behaved as your typical government official.  Professional, this Lupinian maintained a more proficient bedside manner than most physicians she had known.
                For it wasn’t the first time Rose had met Sendrai.
                There were a few discrepancies she and The Doctor had discovered about this alternate world.  On Earth-G, ‘Rose Tyler’ was not exactly a person, but a pet terrier.  As for ‘Jacqueline Prentice,’  she had been converted by Cybus Industries.  Consequently Pete sensed his version of Jackie had already been long dead before Lumic had unleashed his biomechanical terrors on the planet.
                Whatever the case, it was imperative for them acquiring plausible credentials.  Rose knew right away she’d go back working at the shops.  Jackie would also acclimatise herself within this new Reality.  Meaning not only would they require a chronological background, but also a thorough medical checkup and biological history.

The Torchwood MedCentre wasn’t exactly what Rose and Jackie had expected.  On the surface, the building was approximately what they had envisioned:  impassive, ominous and pristine, with its smooth, paneled windows stretching endlessly into the sky.
                Except as they stepped through the automatic doors, the MedCentre was far from your average medical facility.  Reminding Rose of the TARDIS, its walls were constructed in a honeycomb design.  The inset lights emitted soft ginger and azure hues, while the room’s atmosphere transmitted a strange, haunting resonance.  The MedCentre’s environment appeared more welcoming than the sterile, opaque décor one finds in most hospitals.  Then again, Rose recalled Pete claiming the MedCentre was far better than most National Health Service-approved facilities within England.
                Even the receptionists and staff were outright friendly and helpful.  Although it proved in being a refreshing change from the anodyne, tolerable people and never-ending forms, the cordial environment did creep Rose and Jackie out just a bit.

Rose remembered her examination room wasn’t your average place as well.

Rather than the cold, uncomfortable table they had you sit and wait upon, there was an elegant recliner awaiting her.  The room itself possessed the same honeycomb pattern, but the light was now a gentle pink, and she swore there was a slight fragrance of roses inundating the air.  The cabinets were neatly set in a circular design round the chair itself, and were composed out of smooth onyx.  They were devoid of any equipment or medical supply containers.
                A bit nervous, Rose then realised she hadn’t nested properly after she and The Doctor had first separated.  Yawning, she didn’t think it would hurt if she relaxed in the recliner.  Placing her head against the headrest, she activated two speakers which extended from either side of her.  Gentle pulsations came from them, as she recalled seeing this sort of recliner in the furniture shops.  The ones where you can rest in them and they play relaxing, soothing tones.
                Rose broke from her trance as she heard someone entering the room.  Opening her eyes, she embarrassingly acknowledged her physician was a young man.  Just like the person whom she and Mickey had met at Fanger’s Ground Zero (which it was officially denoted), she observed the unusual hair colour, the wolf’s tail and hands.  He was dressed in some kind of medical attire.  Sort of a hybrid between a dentist outfit and scrubs.
                She recalled becoming incredibly self-conscious.  Mainly because she knew for the examination, she’d have to change into those awful gowns they make you wear.  And in front of a man, no less!  But as she was getting ready to lift herself out of the recliner, her new physician turn round.
                Despite his auburn eyes set against emerald, he inexplicably reminded Rose of the lead actor from Dawson’s Creek.

Rose contemplated on why these beings acquired this unnatural fascination with celebrities.  Then again, she remembered The Doctor explaining with Regeneration, one doesn’t always have a choice on what they’re going to get.  She recalled how the Time Lord fussed because his hair was brown rather than ginger.

Nevertheless, just as before, the orange F-Clanscrest rang vividly within her deepest thoughts.  Mainly because she thought she’d never see it again after curing The Doctor.

                Clanscrest. Though the term was unfamiliar to her, Rose’s mind promptly identified the symbol’s proper nomenclature.  She knew the TARDIS was equipped with a telepathic means for providing instant translation.  Perhaps Fanger had this ability as well, assisting her with some of these items she wasn’t quite accustomed with before.  In fact, she felt her mind had acquired access to an entirely different mode of language now.  But only when she concentrated on these Wolf-Beings.  Tombeurian was what Fanger denoted his language and scientific name for his species on Gallifrey.  No matter how many times she did it, Rose seemed amazed by what her brain assessed whenever she was with The Doctor, Torchwood, or even Fanger.

Rose reminisced the Wolf-Being physician had automatically introduced himself while studying what appeared to be a digital pad.

                ‘Greeting, Ms. Rose Tyler, I’m Dr. Sendrai,’ he sensed Rose’s trepidation. ‘Something wrong, Ms. Tyler?’
                ‘Er.. well,’ Rose felt the blood rush to her cheeks. ‘I wasn’t expecting…’
                Sendrai smiled, realising some people weren’t used to this new method of examination.
                ‘Relax, Rose, may I call you by your name?’
                Rose nodded as he reassured her, she wouldn’t have to undress, nor be humiliated by nasty probes.
                ‘At this MedCentre, we focus solely on the patient’s well-being.’ He noted the recliner she was relaxing on was actually a sophisticated piece of medical equipment. ‘As you relaxed in the Diagnostic Analytical Terminal, it conducted a brief BioScan of your current medical condition.’
                Rose never remembered a more pleasant experience as Sendrai was not only professional, but ensured nothing upset or shocked his patient in any way.
                In fact, Mickey was even impressed with Sendrai’s manner.  He accounted how Torchwood required a blood sample from him, and Rose knew how he felt about needles.  He claimed Sendrai remedied the matter with a new type of extraction syringe which needed no hypodermics.  Not only that, Sendrai had safely taken the sample from Mickey without the young man being aware of it.

But Rose knew something Mickey hadn’t.  Sendrai admitted to her about knowing The Doctor and Fanger.  Then added if she ever needed someone to confide in at times, he would always be there for her and the family.  In fact, that’s how they learned of Jackie’s pregnancy.

Scents of exotic tea and pumpkin inundated Rose’s senses, transporting her back into her bedroom.  Hearing the faint sound of the tray being set upon the nightstand, she noticed Sendrai was already pouring up three mugs.
                ‘Drelan tea,’ he identified. ‘As well as some pumpkin scones. Haven’t heard from you since we brought the Little One in.’
                She knew he meant Fanger.  Apparently their patient’s full name roughly translated into the phrase Sendrai used as a reference.
                Offering Rose one of the ceramic mugs, he explained why he had come up here. ‘Thought it might be best if I came in and checked up on you. See if you and Mr. Smith were okay.’
                Rose cast no illusions about Sendrai’s visit.  She knew her Mum had become rather concerned after she and The Doctor had parted ways.  Not to mention the sudden arrival of Fanger.  Secretly she was amazed how Sendrai coped with Jackie’s overprotective nature at times.  Especially in her condition.
                Sendrai observed Rose pensively gazing into the mug as he offered her a scone.  He had an inkling upon what was probably disconcerting her.
                ‘Rose, do not concern yourself with the Little One’s advent. If anything, it is I should apologise for my previous behaviour.’
                She wondered what he was talking about, since she failed finding any rudeness exhibited by him back in Norway.  Then it dawned on her, about his professional mannerisms earlier.  About Sendrai being a little too efficient.
                ‘Apparently Emperor Keanu does not  share the same perspective as I do upon some matters.’ He gazed at the starry sky through her window. ‘Should be thankful President Jones was not made aware of this incident.’
                Rose sensed the distinct impression Fanger’s appearance wasn’t meant for public display.  Then again, it wasn’t an average thing witnessing Wolf-Beings and their friends arriving with a bang upon another world.  Nevertheless, she knew what Sendrai was talking about.  Personally there was something about Keanu she didn’t fancy, nor President Harriet Jones for that matter.
                Her mind briefly raced back when her Harriet Jones had met her and The Doctor during that Slitheen business.  Then when she had become Prime Minister later on when The Doctor had transform—regenerated—the first time.  How he had taken some disgust with Ms. Jones when she had Torchwood destroy the Sycorax ship.  Afterwards, she had mysteriously retired when a peculiar resignation letter had been made public with Parliament.
                Secretly she wondered if this version would’ve been so easily manipulated as her version.  Currently she really didn’t want to find out.

If the truth was known, while Rose sipped her tea, things on this planet weren’t exactly as benevolent as The Doctor had once presumed.  And it wasn’t the whole Cybermen thing with Cybus Industries, as one might have imagined.  Working at the shops in London, she witnessed Lupinians calmly interacting with humans.  Consequently she felt racial tensions at times, since it seemed they preferred keeping to themselves.  There were a few who didn’t mind being with humans, while some humans were uncomfortable round them.
                Though Rose really didn’t know why, because the Lupinians didn’t act like the way one might assume.  They didn’t flash their claws and fangs when they got annoyed or heated, they didn’t ravage innocent girls, nor even howl at the full moon.  Sure, they had Paranormal abilities, but she never observed any of them really use them out in public.
                That’s when Rose recollected the first time The Doctor had taken her far into the distant future.  Just before the Earth was about to burn up.  Observing all the aliens and lifeforms attending the space station overlooking the dying sun before them, she remembered how it had made her nervous.  When The Doctor had accused her of being prejudiced, Rose had never realised it until she had encountered that living-skin nightmare called Cassandra.
                Rose shivered, also remembering how Cassandra had later hijacked her body.  Not to mention the new Doctor’s as well on New Earth.
                Thanks to these experiences, Rose developed a better understanding for these newcomers.  Considering she, herself, was a newcomer as well to these parts.
                ‘Hey,’ a familiar voice called out.  Mickey poked in his head. ‘Don’t start the party without me, eh?’
                Rose nearly dropped her tea.  Not because Mickey witnessed Sendrai with her inside her bedroom.  Instead it was the fact Mickey was inside her bedroom.  Turned out after Rose and The Doctor had left Earth-G, Pete had invited Mickey to stay with him at Tyler Manor.  Naturally when she and Jackie became permanent residents of this new dimension, there were some difficulties.  Reluctantly Jackie allowed Mickey living privileges in the manor, providing he accede to some conditions.
                One of them was staying out of Rose’s bedroom at all times.
                Sendrai smiled.  He reassured Mickey’s visit was acceptable, since he promised Jackie he’d chaperone the two.  But Rose knew better, since the medical Wolf-Being hadn’t gone to all this trouble for arranging a small get-together.
                ‘So, what are you talking about?’ Mickey took a scone from the tray. ‘Perhaps that creepy Dr. Hennington, I’ll bet.’
                ‘Mickey!’ Rose hissed.  Though honestly she didn’t like Dr. Hennington either, it didn’t give Mickey the right to be rude.
                ‘Ah, so you’re uncomfortable around him as well,’ Sendrai handed him a mug. ‘Thank goodness, I thought I was just being overly-paranoid.’
                Rose and Mickey couldn’t help crack a smile towards Sendrai’s glib remark.  He admitted there was something not right about the new Torchwood agent.  And the farther he kept Fanger and them away from the man, the better.

After they had settled down, Sendrai thanked them for accepting him.  He had been cautious with coming in and setting up here in the manor.  Technically he was a guest here in their home, but Rose was quick in pointing out Sendrai was helping them out with Mum.  Mickey also added he preferred Fanger being here than admitted into one of those specialised hospitals Keanu had suggested.
                Sendrai warmly smiled. ‘Yes, trust is essential, isn’t it?’ Putting down his tea, he closed his eyes. ‘Rose, Mickey, in order for trust being properly maintained, I must reveal something critical about myself.’
                Rose and Mickey hesitated.
                ‘What do you mean?’ Rose cautiously inquired.
                ‘You see, Ms. Tyler, I knew about your involvement with the Daleks, as well as the Emperor Dalek.’
                Mickey defensively stared at him. ‘What… don’t tell me you’re a…’
                ‘Dalek?’ Sendrai tutted. ‘Hardly. You see, Rose, Mickey, I suspect Fanger, nor The Doctor, had ever informed you about the Daleks’ true mortal enemies.’
                ‘You mean the Time Lords?’ Rose had heard The Doctor make slight references about them from the Time War.
                ‘No, Rose, I mean Skaroan mortal enemies.’
                ‘The Daleks’ home planet.’ Rose explained, still incredulously looking at Sendrai.
                Suddenly, Mickey’s mind retrieved a forgotten file he once discovered from an ancient blog.  One which came from an unlikely site when he had been Googling information about The Doctor.
                ‘The F-Clones?’ Mickey seemed more impressed than frightened.  Mainly because he never imagined encountering an item from the Internet before.  Even if it was presumed as nothing more than an urban legend. ‘Hey, mate, you’re an F-Clone?’
                ‘Not quite,’ Sendrai sipped some tea. ‘You see, I once belonged to a special branch.’ He then spoke in a soft tone. ‘In essence, I was a MedClone.’
                 Both Rose and Mickey blinked disbelievingly at the young man, completely speechless at his revelation.
                ‘Well,’ Sendrai noted. ‘Seems you’ve taken the news better than I anticipated.’

Jacqueline Tyler was quietly tending to her unconscious patient.  Scanning her surroundings, she still couldn’t get over Sendrai’s renovations with this small guest room.  Reminding her somewhat of The Doctor’s TARDIS, she observed the inset, honeycomb design upon the wall.  Almost similar to his office décor, Jackie was impressed on how her new guest had transformed this place into a functional, spacious, medical facility.  Complete with lab and futuristic beds, she felt like she had stepped on the Enterprise than just another room inside Tyler Manor.
                Ironically, thanks partially with Sendrai’s unique professionalism, this was the one room where Jackie felt comfortable whenever she felt out-of-place here.  Long before Fanger had entered their life, she and Rose were continually having to make adjustments with their new surroundings.  Not counting the near-disastrous method of coming here, Jackie considered her life had given her a second chance with Pete.
                Secretly, she had never told her daughter the real truth behind her first marriage with her version of Peter Tyler.

The Eighties were not exactly a fun time for her.  Unlike those ghastly CD commercials, and VH1 Specials, Jackie never really hit it off with her father after the Seventies had ended.  Like some of her friends, Jackie protested the war, promoted peace whenever she could,  which didn’t  hit things off with her Dad.  He was a seasoned veteran from World War II, and felt it was honourable fighting for your country at any cost.  Thus, he felt the States were doing the same thing in Vietnam, though at the time Jackie didn’t understand most of it.  Mainly because she knew form her experience, war usually meant countless lives lost.
                Witnessing it now with the Dalek-Cybermen affair about nearly a year back, she knew war was not something one found glorious.  So she comprehended her father’s bravado was probably a means of coping with the death and destruction he observed around him.
                Nonetheless, she felt the final straw was when she met Peter Tyler.  Pete, as he preferred to be called, was an opportunist for the most part, but also believed in Jackie’s goals.  Especially with environmental issues, because apparently he felt one might capitalize more on organic-based materials than the so-called processed ones.
                But that’s where the problem had come into play.  Unlike her new Pete, the former indeed had the drive, just not the business acumen.  As she recalled, every plan her Petey had envisioned usually ended up costing them more.  They were barely getting by selling their own organic products as well as stuff one can now purchase on those infomercials.
                If Jackie’s memory served, it was all she could do making ends meet.  But on the plus side, she and her Dad had finally made up for lost time, right when Rose was born.  And he had reluctantly helped them out, where she was once living at the townhouse flat subdivision known as Lytton Estates.
                Funny how corporate went under the impression if you give something a posh name, it’s supposed to make it better.
                But in all, Jackie still had loved Pete Tyler.  And it had broken her heart when he had died.  Hit by an oncoming car as she remembered.  Of course, she had never imagined the strange blonde woman she had told Rose about was—in reality—her Rose about twenty years later.  Thanks to The Doctor.
                Thus, she sort of felt this may have been some compensation the Time Lord had given her, for putting her all through this aggravation.

In a way, it was sort of like Cinderella.  Here, Lytton Estates was now genuinely a rich estate, and not some addition of flats with timing rent.  The mansion was exactly like the fforbes-Hamilton Manor she had once seen on the television.  The one she’d imagine from time to time living in, while she was at the Laundromat.  Apparently this Pete possessed both the opportunistic capabilities and business acumen, where he had done exceptionally well for himself.
                Even if his wealth had originated from Cybus Industries.  The ghastly organisation responsible for those Cybermen.
                Despite the fact Pete was really a covert agent for The Preachers, a rebel group against John Lumic and his vile creations, he was managing on reconstructing his business from this ill-timed disaster.  With Emperor Keanu and President Jones’ assistance, the company was well on its way to recovery.

Patting Fanger’s forehead with a damp cloth, Jackie wasn’t nervous of him as the others were.  The truth was, in lieu of all this newfound wealth, she had remained the same Jacqueline Tyler she had always been.  She still went to the Laundromat on occasion, rather than sending her clothes out, and brought from the local shops.
                In Cardiff, she knew about the Lupinians the first time she had gone to the local market.  In her opinion, they were really a decent sort.  Some Lupinians were friendly, while others were distant and cold towards her.  But it was understandable.  Apparently Lumic was not only some megalomaniac, but a racist as well.  For the Lupinians were the only beings without those vile Earpods everyone was so going on about.  Even after the Cybermen Incident, people were still wearing them and Cybus Industries were still selling them.  Of course, Jackie would never be caught dead wearing something sinister as that.  To her, a cell phone, CD Player and television were good enough for her.
                Naturally she once asked Pete why Cybus Industries had never fashioned models for Lupinians.  He simply replied Lumic felt they weren’t a viable, profitable resource.  But he was quick in telling her he did not share Lumic’s view, because he once did pitch several devices which the Lupinians could use and afford rather easily.  However, he was turned down for most of them.  He never understood Lumic’s animosity towards these beings, because Pete also considered them as friendly sort as well.
                Even Sendrai was helpful, not only as their personal physician, but round the manor and with daily routines.
                Then came Fangarius.

Recently no one had really heard of this Paranormal Wolf-Being.  But Jackie evoked several vague tales about him—the Paranormal Time Lord—on Earth.  Amidst the wild and fantastic adventures he endured, not once did she ever fathom a slight connection between him and The Doctor.  Yet, when she now considered it, there were a few similarities between the two.
                For instance, whenever anything strange, unexplained, or alien occurred, you definitely sensed Fanger and The Doctor were somehow involved.
                After witnessing The Doctor’s transformation, Jackie comprehended why Fanger’s description kept varying so often.  Once her father claimed Fanger was a peculiar child wearing ‘wolf’s clothing’ within a wizard’s outfit.  Whereas her Aunt Matilda swore Fanger was nothing of the sort, but a handsome, dark-haired Wolf-Being dressed in student’s clothing with a British accent.  Then her best friend, Chloe Mitchell, had declared he had golden-brown hair and a multicoloured scarf.
                Naturally, there had been reports of humanised versions of Fanger as well.  While it appeared no one could agree on what the Paranormal Time Lord accurately looked like.  But the one image Jackie vividly extracted from her mind, was the one Rose had greeted.  The one Fanger who had mysteriously vanished for several years.
                But these accounts hadn’t discerned Jackie in the least.  After all, if The Doctor possessed this chameleonesque ability for transforming himself, why not Fanger?  Nonetheless, she figured where The Doctor handled the extraterrestrial bits, Fanger’s forte concentrated more with the supernatural.  Whatever the case, Jackie realised whenever the problem was sorted out, Fanger and The Doctor would vanish without as so much as a thank you.  From Rose’s own stories, Jackie knew the reason why.  Most people usually tended on blaming them when the inexplicable death and destruction would occur.
                Even Jackie ashamedly remembered slapping The Doctor once when he and Rose had been gone for over one year.
                Nonetheless, she still considered it her opinion, blaming them for their misfortunes was rather ridiculous.  Okay, perhaps there were some items The Doctor was inadvertently responsible for, but for the most part, usually the trouble was caused by some idiots wanting to take over the Earth.  In Jackie’s opinion, one might think aliens had far better things to do with their time than bothering her world.

Consequently, Jackie became slightly perplexed over the fact Earth-G’s Fangarius was nothing like the Fanger she had heard about on her world.  Now she realised from The Doctor’s explanation, this version of Earth was one within an alternate dimension.  So she perceived there would be subtle differences from things she had once known about in her life.
                Upon learning about the Lupinians, she secretly had hoped the Fangarius here might’ve been the same.
                Or perhaps even better.
                The paralyzing truth came when Jackie received disconcerting information from her new friends.
                Information contrary to the Lupinians’ public relations where she wasn’t keen with his campaign for Office in the States.
                After IE24 had underwent reconstruction from CybusNet dividing itself into other branches, Jackie had witnessed images of him once on the news.  Despite his warm, courteous smile and friendly exterior, his eyes betrayed his cold, apathetic nature.
                There was something about this version Jackie didn’t care for, and felt the Mexican States were making a horrible mistake if they dared elect him as Prime Minister.
                Whereas the real Fanger (as she considered him) definitely possessed a deep, insightful soul.  When Rose and Mickey were tending to him, they didn’t realise Jackie had used the van’s monitors to secretly observe them.  Even though Fanger was dying, she acknowledged his emotions were genuine, and not prefabricated for acquiring a means to an end.  She had been in enough relationships long before her with both Petes for recognising the blatant signs.  For some reason, she felt Fanger’s pain and anguish, and not just the physical aspect.
                When Sendrai had transported Fanger from Norway, Jackie had detected two elements.  First off, there were tears coming from Fanger’s eyes, almost as if he had been crying in his sleep.  Sendrai indicated it was probably a side-effect from the sedative he administered.  Jackie seriously doubted it, since Fanger had been upset earlier for arriving at his ‘deathbed.’
                Secondly, she noticed the ornate ring round the Wolf-Being’s finger.  Identifying it as a wedding band, Jackie watched as its sapphire portion emitted a gentle illumination.  Never had she imagined Fanger might have been married.  Then again, she wondered if The Doctor had any other family as well.
                Once  when Rose had returned back without The Doctor, she had admitted his planet, Gallifrey, had been destroyed by the Daleks during an intergalactic war.  If Fanger was indeed a distant relation of The Doctor’s, then logically, it meant their world was one in the same.
                Thus, as with The Doctor, there was a great possibility Fanger was alone.
                Everything he ever knew, or loved, had been taken from him.

Fanger moaned softly, perhaps from enduring a forgotten memory.  Jackie carefully removed the damp cloth from his forehead.  She didn’t have the advanced medicine, nor technique Sendrai had, but she knew several remedies for handling fevers.  Right now, she needed keeping him calm and quiet.  His temperature rising, she knew of only one surefire way of handling it.
                Delicately manipulating him over to one side, she carefully took his tail and started brushing it with a jade hairbrush she had received as a wedding gift.

One thing Jackie always educated Rose on was never stare at people’s differences.  No matter how strange or outlandish their appearance.  Except when Jackie had first seen Lupinians with wolf’s tail, an enigmatic curiosity overtook her etiquette.  Mesmerised by them, she secretly longed touching one of them.  Perhaps it was seeing if they were real, or the fact they appeared soft and furry, Jackie always wanted to at least brush, or stroke one.
                But she feared such behaviour might be considered offensive and never dared satisfying her own inquisitiveness.  That is, until Fanger was admitted into their care.  She noticed it was indeed what she expected.  Not too soft, but not too coarse either, but sort of a silky touch.  Apparently, Fanger didn’t seem to mind her tending to it.  For whenever Jackie brushed him, he became contented and relaxed.

Regrettably little did she, or anyone else for that matter, realise Fanger was far from ease at the moment.